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Learn More About Our Christian Discipleship Program

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Our Mission

We desire, with all our hearts, to see ladies free themselves of their addictions. It is our goal to help them become:

  • Women of God​
  • Vessels of Honor
  • Productive Members of Our Society

We are not a rehabilitation center but a home that offers a Christian discipleship program. Therefore, our focus is on helping women become Disciples of Christ. To us, it is not just about getting off drugs but becoming closer to God.

Two dentists, a doctor, a professional hairstylist, and professional counselors are here for all of the needs of the participants. They will give the women complete makeovers free of charge. We get many clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry just from donations alone. This is important because these motivate our ladies to want to look nice, which, in return, makes them feel better about themselves.

It is our desire to minister to the whole person. We teach our ladies that they are Women of God. Therefore, they should look, act, dress, talk, and carry themselves as who they are: representatives of the Almighty God.

A Safe Haven for Women Who Want to Redeem Themselves 

Becoming Vessels of Honor 

If you feel that you have lost your way, let Southwest Potter House help you thread the right path again. We are a non-profit organization that offers a home where women can break free from addiction and other bad habits. Our house serves as a safe haven where you can heal yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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Please remember that God is here for you, regardless of how bad the state of your life is. He always welcomes His children with open arms. For more information on what we can do for you, call us in Americus, Georgia today.

“Arise and go down to the Potter’s House and there I will cause you to hear My words. The vessel the potter made of clay was marred in the hands of the potter; so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.”

- Jeremiah 18: 2, 4 

The residence we have is a place:

  • where broken vessels are remade into vessels of honor.
  • of love, warmth, safety, comfort, and compassion.
  • with a great support system, similar to sorority sisters in college.
  • of separation, where you can be free from all the stress and worries of life while inner healing and change take place.
  • for the mind to be renewed, where terrible thoughts are replaced with the truth of who we are according to God’s Word.

What Is a Day Like at the House?

5:45 a.m.  coffee/bathroom

6:00 - 7:00 a.m. Quiet Time

7:00 - 7:30 a.m.  Group Devotion

7:30 - 9:00 a.m.  Breakfast/house cleaning/showers

9:00 - 10:00 a.m.  Prepare for Bible study

10:00 - 11:30  a.m.  Bible Study

11:30 - 12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:30 p.m. Joyce Meyer Video

1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Quiet Time

2:30 - 3:45  p.m. Dance practice

4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Director's Bible study

5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Dinner

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Showers

8:00 - 8:45 p.m. Devotion

9:00 - 10:00 p.m. Quiet Time

10:00 p.m. Lights Out

Early Morning Bible Study

Bible Study


We Welcome Your Donations

Support our ministry through donations. We accept in kind and monetary donations. Please have checks made payable to Southwest Potter House and send them to PO Box 108, Ellaville, GA 31806,



How We Got Started

The Story of Melissa Adams, Our Founder

Years ago, the desire was birthed in the heart of our founder. She hoped to open a Christian home for troubled women. As she ministered in jails, she would see ladies get out and come right back in, just like a revolving door. She could see their desperate desires to live for the Lord, but with no one to help when they got out, they could not make it.

A mountain of difficult obstacles faced each woman on the outside, including probation fines, driving under the influence (DUI) schools, and fees for getting driver’s licenses reinstated. They had no jobs and vehicles to their name. These days, a car is vital, especially if people want to look for a job or get back and forth to work. Not to mention, these ladies did not even have a place to live in.

Therefore, in their hopelessness, the ladies would again succumb to the same lifestyle. Of course, this always broke Melissa’s heart. This only reinvigorated her desire to do something to help.

The Formation of Potter’s House

Melissa graduated from the Potter’s House in Milner, Georgia 5 years ago. God gave her a vision passion and burden to rescue other women from destructive lifestyles. She’s a pastor’s daughter raised in church and has been doing jail ministry. Having a heart for the broken, she helps women by rebuilding them spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Before and After Photos

You may view the before-and-after photos of the women who have been in our program.


My name is Meagan Owens, I am 34 and from Leesburg, Georgia. When I was just a baby my mama said she gave me to God, she declared that I was His child and spoke His will over my life. At a very early age I started receiving attacks from the enemy. You see I believe that when Satan sees that you are destined for a life lived for God’s kingdom and God’s purposes, he will pull out every trick from his bag to try and get you off the path of righteousness. At 5, my parents divorced and I was hurt and confused about it. I started seeking attention, going to school lying telling the teacher’s my family was beating me, although that was completely made up, I believe I was just so hurt by their divorce I was screaming for any kind of comfort. When I was in elementary school I was sexually abused. My 4th grade year was the last year I remember feeling true happiness in my life. The sexual abuse was pushed under the rug and I had to continue living a lie as though it wasn’t happening. I sought solace and peace through my church group which I was very active in through my middle school years. When I was 17 years old I had an encounter with pain pills prescribed through a dentist. I remember feeling like I had found what had been missing my whole life. They gave me a false sense of happiness and all my cares were gone. Over the years I became addicted to those pain pills and started doing any and everything I could to get my hands on them. They were the cause of any relief I felt from the dark, emptiness inside. When the pain pills weren’t doing their job, I started looking for love in all the wrong places. I would get involved in relationships and would become so consumed by them that I would change my whole identity just to be whatever the guy I was dating at the time needed. My identity came in the form of drugs and men. I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be. I just wanted to feel loved. My addiction progressed to the point of becoming a homeless, prostitute, IV heroin drug user. I knew my only answer was to get back to Jesus, but I didn’t know how. I was so lost, I saw no way out anymore. I pleaded with God to help me or to just let my life end. I couldn’t continue living as I was any longer. Sometimes God answers our prayers, but it just isn’t in the way we expect it. I was incarcerated on September 24, 2017, by the grace of my loving Father who saw and knew what was best for me. While I sat in that jail cell, I started reading my bible. I came across the scripture Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. Well I certainly knew that my desires had landed me in pits of hell on earth, so I prayed for God to replace my desires with His desires for my life and I promised to draw near to Him. I completely surrendered to Him and told Him I was His, ALL His, I would exchange my life for His life and told Him that I didn’t care how long of a journey it took for me to get back home as long as at the end of the journey that I would never return to that same lifestyle. Thus began my crawling back into the arms of Jesus. I got sentenced to RSAT, the state prison system’s drug rehabilitation program for substance abuse issues. I was blessed to get sent to a facility where I was offered church 5 nights a week, which is unheard of in the State of Georgia Corrections facilities. While there I invested my time, I refused to allow what God had done for me to be in vain. I pressed in and I was so thirsty for the Word, I couldn’t get enough. I went to every single church service during my 9 months there and spent time reading my Word and searching for His truth. While there I was trying to figure out what I was going to do when I got out, considering I needed to completely rebuild my life. I got really heavy into my prayer concerning this matter. Then I heard God telling me to go to the Potter’s House. I was thinking, really God, you want me to go into another program where I’m away from my family and children even longer, I can’t get a job or even begin trying to rebuild my life yet. Surely this doesn’t make any sense I thought. But God was insistent upon me to go to the Potter’s House, and you see God had made me a promise, out of Genesis 50:20-21, “You intended to harm me but God intended it for good, to accomplish what is being done now, the saving of many lives. So do not fear, I will take care of you and your children.” God had promised me that if I would allow Him to take all the things the enemy had done to attack me and harm me and let Him turn it around and use it for His glory, by helping being a light to others who have walked the same path, that He would not only take care of me, but that He would take care of my children. The part about Him taking care of my children is what really drew me to Him. I wanted my children to be restored to me, but more than being restored to me, I wanted them to be reconciled to God. I didn’t want them being victims of circumstance any longer, I had put them through enough. I didn't want them to continue having to pay the consequences of my sins and I was willing to do whatever it took to see that this generational curse ended with me. My children would be set free from the hell I’ve drug them through and I had to lead by example. I prayed I would be such an example of following Christ that my children would feel there was no other way to live their lives but to follow Christ also. So, my mind was made up, I would be obedient to God and would go to the Potter’s House, despite how crazy it seemed at the time to me. God had been faithful and so I was going to be faithful to Him as well. I went to the Potter’s House in Milner, Georgia. While in RSAT I really honed in on the relationship between Jesus the son and I, then at the Potter’s House in Milner, I gained an understanding of fearing, being in reverence to God the Father and now I just wanted to understand more about the Holy Spirit. I still couldn’t understand why God had sent me to the Potter’s House though, considering much of what I was being taught, God had already taught me through my stay in RSAT. But you see, God’s word says that He goes before us and after 3 months of being there He moved me to the Southwest Potter’s House. Turns out that though I couldn’t see the plan, it was already being established in ways that I couldn’t comprehend at an earlier time. God brought me down to Southwest Potter’s House to be the Assistant Director of the program. Wow! I thought, God, do you remember who I was just two years ago, did you not see the things I was doing? Are you sure that You want to use me in a way as great as this. The loving, compassionate Father that He is, He knew I needed confirmation. He gave me scripture and told me “I have raised you up in righteousness and will make all your paths smooth, you will help build my city and bring my captives out of exile”. This was a new ministry so that’s exactly what God was doing, He was placing me in a position to help build His “city” and walk out the promise that He had given me, “The saving of many lives”. While at the Southwest Potter’s House, I have started understanding more about the Holy Spirit and His part in this God-head. His Word says a three-fold cord can not be broken, so through each step of this process He has brought me into relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I also didn’t understand how he was going to bring to pass the promise of my children being reconciled through Him considering I was so far away from my children and couldn’t be such an influence on them. But when God brought me to Southwest Potter’s House, I was moved only 30 minutes down the road from my children. I’ve been able to see my children now on a regular basis, they come to meet me at church and have gotten to witness the work God has done in my life. Everything has started making sense now, but Faith means trusting in what we will only see afterwards. He is revealing things to me but only piece by piece. God has restored the relationships in my life and though it’s still in the works, I have all the confidence in the world to continue laying my life down at His feet daily and allow Him to direct my steps. 

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